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We help customers implement the optimal antenna solutions for their challenges.

We realize complex communication requirements for customers worldwide.

PIDSO's wireless communications solutions are used in various fields around the world. From supplying WiFi to Bolivian cable cars to applications for yachts, unmanned aerial systems and racing cars. Our customers throughout the world rely on the expertise of PIDSO.


For more than a decade, PIDSO has been successfully engaged in the market of wireless solutions for the automotive industry. International manufacturers are relying on PIDSO's expertise since our antennas are characterized by their light weight, their aerodynamic design and their reliability.

The PIDSO range of services in the automotive sector includes many different areas such as circuit design, development of complete data transmission solutions or measurement and optimization of existing antennas.

In particular, the development team of PIDSO operates within the following areas:

  • Aerodynamically neutral integration of antennas in vehicle surfaces
  • Antenna integration in vehicle structures made of composite materials
  • Concept development and feasibility studies

The extensive know-how of our team provides an optimal solution for almost any requirement, especially in the areas of:

  • 2G/3G/4G/LTE
  • ITS G5
  • WLAN
  • GPS und NFC Integration
  • 3D-MID Antennas mit LDS
    (Laser Direct Structuring)

Appropriate products for this application:

Manned and unmanned Aviation

The reliability of the radio link between ground station and aircraft is essential for the safety and stability of flight operations. PIDSO looks back on years of experience in building antenna systems for both unmanned and manned systems. For developing our antennas, we analyse the general conditions and measurements and execute high frequency simulations.

For seamless antenna integration in aircrafts, PIDSO has invented a patented carbon antenna fabrication process which is characterized by its very low weight design.

Our constructions for aviation focus particularly on:

  • Weight and size reduction
  • Reduction of electricity demand
  • Range and payload increase, especially for unmanned aerial vehicles with tracking antenna systems
  • Aerodynamically neutral integration of antennas in the surface of the aircraft
    (e.g. in CFRP structures)
  • Integration of different radio services in an antenna housing
    (z.B. ADSB, FLARM, etc.)


Reliable real-time transmission of communication signals is essential for successful event hosting. Our individually manufactured antennas offer optimal transmission and reception of radio signals at major sporting events such as the German Touring Car Championship (DTM).


PIDSO develops the key technology for signal transmission of video, audio and data.


This makes the transmission of radio messages from all vehicles in first-class voice quality possible - TV viewers can understand the driver's comments more clearly than ever before.

For big events, we work closely with our partner Riedel Communications, who has extensive event transmission technology know-how. The competences of Riedel and PIDSO create synergies which result in ground breaking innovations and make sporting events tangible and accessible to a wide audience.

Appropriate products for this application:


Different wireless communication technologies are used in buses, trains, cable cars and also in ships combined.

On the one hand, they are intended to optimize service and, on the other hand, provide passengers with an improved customer experience: GPS for navigation, mobile radio for vehicle monitoring or WiFi MIMO to create Internet access for passengers.

The requirements for efficient fleet management or for secure operation monitoring are based on innovative communication solutions to ensure safe operation.

PIDSO manufactures specially tailored antenna solutions for this range, which reliably provide the highest performance. Optimized for outdoor use, the developed antennas are extremely robust and resistant. In addition to in-house development, PIDSO also offers products from manufacturers L-comMobileMark and KP Performance. In particular, MobileMark offers a broad product portfolio of communication solutions for infrastructure use such as fleet management antennas, cables, adapters, WLAN amplifiers and much more.

Electronics Industry

The integration of antenna solutions in narrow spaces requires extensive expertise and careful precision work.

PIDSO has perfected these skills through years of expertise in modeling and electromagnetic field and high frequency circuit simulation (EM & RF simulation).


The latest process technologies, such as Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) manufacturing, enable the production of highly efficient solutions for complex applications.


We realize the integration into already existing product solutions or conceive according to customers special designs for a reliable wireless communication. The in-house production equipment enables a rapid prototype development process as well as the subsequent test setup.

Appropriate products for this application:

Industry 4.0

The digitization of industrial production using intelligent and digitally networked systems requires reliable, wireless connections. Antenna solutions from PIDSO are essential components to ensure error-free communication processes in the area of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT).

People, machines, logistics and products communicate and cooperate directly with each other. Antennas with very wide frequency ranges enable a number of diverse wireless communication and technology applications. Particularly in M2M communication (machine-to-machine communication), PIDSO developments enable reliable LoRa and multipoint communication as well as seamless integration into „The-Things-Network“.

For applications in the logistics, mining and port sectors, we offer solutions that deliver reliable performance even under challenging environmental conditions. Particular attention is paid to the resistance to extreme environmental conditions (temperatures, vibrations, etc.) and to a universal mounting option for every application.

Appropriate products for this application:

Research & Measurement

PIDSO's antennas are not only used in industrial series products, they are also applied in research, pre-development and special measurement tasks. Customized solutions are essential for these scenarios and represent a significant added value for our customers. These solutions include, for example, a certain spatially limited radiation pattern, broadband or multiresonant behavior of the wave type transducers or the use in special solids or liquids.

Antennas can be fully characterized in the far field upon customer request to give the user detailed insight of the antenna performance. These parameters are essential for dedicated measurement applications or downstream algorithm development in research. In these application fields, small quantities up to single pieces are of interest. PIDSO serves these individual divisions with our agile methods for short development cycles.