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Vivaldi Antenna

Vivaldi Antenna

1.5-7 GHz, 16 dBi Ultra Broadband Antenna

Part Nr. PRO.SVI.001-00A

PIDSO‘s ultra-broadband SVI.001-00A unites a compact volume with a very large operating bandwidth and high gain. Due to its highly optimized Vivaldi based design approach it is possible to achieve good broadband directivity of 5.5 GHz of bandwidth. Made for industrial environments the SVI.001-00A uses a rugged N-type connector and allows for vertical or horizontal mounting to change the linear polarization orientation as required by the customer.

This makes the antenna suitable for tasks like point-to-point transmissions for special measurement techniques such as moisture measurement on a wide variety of samples.



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PIDSO - Compact Size Compact Size
PIDSO - Light Weight Light Weight
PIDSO - Robust Robust
PIDSO - Ultra Broadband Ultra Broadband
PIDSO - WIFI 5GHz Directional


PIDSO - Industry Industry
PIDSO - Research Research


  • Ultra-Broadband
  • High Gain
  • Small Form Factor
  • Symmetrical Beam in Azimuth and Elevation

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