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COFDM Video Power Amplifier

COFDM Video Power Amplifier

Part Nr. CRD.002-00A

PIDSO‘s high efficiency linear power amplifier CRD.002-00A is ideally suited for rugged COFDM Video transmission applications in high PAPR scenarios. The high-efficiency linear power amplifier is built for harsh environments and provides 30dB of gain with a P1dB output of +33dBm. The amplifier is phantom powered (4W) and requires no extra feed line. Internally, it is matched to 50Ω and operates with a maximum RF input of +23dBm.

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PIDSO - Compact Size Compact Size
PIDSO - Light Weight Light Weight
PIDSO - Robust Robust
PIDSO - Phantom Supply Phantom Supply
PIDSO - WIFI 5GHz High Linearity
PIDSO - WIFI 5GHz Customizable


PIDSO - Sport Events Sport Events


  • High linearity with 30dB gain
  • High output power at +33dBm
  • Compact, rugged and passively cooled design
  • Flange mounting option
  • DC Phantom Supply
  • Customizable on demand

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