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We offer our customers a complete service package, from first draft to production.

Our service-package connecting to your success

PIDSO develops, implements and produces innovative and customized antennas and hardware solutions for customers all over the world. PIDSO relies on the latest technology and draws on many years of experience in various application areas.

Our focus is always to fulfill individual customer requirements. Therefore, PIDSO offers a complete service package to create the ideal solution for each customer need.

Our service includes:

Circuit design and system design

After the initial contact and your submitted requirements, we will create a system design.

According to your specific product specifications, we create a concept design and develop your individual circuit design together with the software. The PIDSO expert team advises and supports you at every stage in the realization of your communication solution.

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High Frequency Measurement and Simulation

With a wide range of simulation tools, circuit simulators, and 3D EM field simulators, PIDSO is able to develop customized solutions quickly and efficiently. Optimizations with regard to positioning of the antenna, directional characteristics or a general reception improvement can be conducted.  

We offer our advice on existing antenna solutions and perform simulations or measurements on your antennas or on your complete systems. Upon request, PIDSO also undertakes adaptations and modifications to existing antenna solutions.

Equipped with the latest measuring devices, PIDSO offers interference-free measurements from 70 MHz up to 110 GHz in the in-house high-frequency measuring chamber. Outdoors, surveys and characterizations of antenna developments are made as early as 45 MHz. Different standard methods such as measurements according to MIL STD 461 or CISPR-25 can also be carried out on customer request.

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Environmental measurements

Changes in temperature or humidity can affect the performance of antennas and antenna systems. Under realistic conditions, the effects of different environmental influences on the function and performance in the cold chamber are simulated.


Based on the results, each antenna tested is adjusted to improve its lifetime, performance and reliability.


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Prototype construction and small batch production

Fast and reliable prototyping is ensured by an in-house prototype line.

The prototypes are measured in the company's own high-frequency laboratory in order to check and ensure not only the material quality but also the electrical performance. Various standard tests such as MIL-STD-810F operating tests are also carried out on customer request.

After initial prototyping we can also transfer designs to series production. Together with external partners and our in-house capabilities, quantities up to several thousand pieces are realizable. This includes, but is not limited to, CNC machining, PCB assembly, end-testing and complete product assembly. The adherence to the highest quality standards and a fast production characterize the small series production of PIDSO.

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Frequency and product selection for individual applications

The propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves play an essential role in product design.


We support you in selecting the right antenna design, frequency range and radiation characteristics from the initial idea to the series product. Customized and highly integrated solutions for your wireless product give you the crucial market advantage.

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Implementation of frequency allocation procedures

You are searching for the right frequency range for your applications, e.g. for a sports event abroad?

We support you in the right frequency selection and classification for the local authorities, so that you are assigned the right and, above all, usable frequency for your application.


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Support for operating licenses and technical approvals

The approval and licensing of terminal equipment, with radio frequency transmitters and receivers, with external or integrated antennas, often require a wide variety of standards and regulations.


We are available to assist you with communication with authorities, pre-testing of output power and radiation behavior in the RF laboratory, as well as with the corresponding documentation.

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Customized cable solutions

Individual applications can require very complex cable solutions. PIDSO offers all communication components, including cable solutions specifically tailored to customer needs.


The product portfolio includes USB, Ethernet, coaxial cables as well as serial cables, connectors and adapters.


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