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Searching for innovation, we develop the best state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. The best possible analysis of the environments, technical feasibility & possible developments in the future are always considered in our planning processes.

A standard product is not always the right answer for the customer's demands. We are always in pursuit of the smartest solution and use our know-how to think one step ahead.

A strategic approach, carefully selected components and a sophisticated design approach leads to a complete solution one can trust.

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Button Antennas

Extremely robust and compact

PIDSO´s button antennas are characterized by their particularly robust and compact design. Despite of their small size and weight, they provide excellent omni-directional radiation performance.

Fin Antennas

Optimal remote control

PIDSO´s fin antennas are especially designed to meet the needs of remote-controlled aircrafts. In addition to their particularly lightweight design, they impress with their excellent connection stability over long distances.

Horn Antennas

Long range performance at minimum weight

PIDSO's horn antennas are used wherever a reliable directional connection is needed. Due to their very wide band capabilities as well as their extremely lightweight construction, they can be used for various applications.

Panel Antenna

Reliable LTE MIMO performance

Due to their dipolar construction, PIDSO's panel antennas are particularly suitable for LTE MIMO applications. Thanks to their stable design and good insulation, they are extremely robust against chemical influences and other challenging environmental conditions.

Vivaldi Antennas

Ultra-broadband antennas

Due to the ultra-broadband characteristics of the PIDSO vivaldi antennas, different applications can be realized with only one antenna.

Patch Antennas

Especially suitable for LoRa applications

PIDSO┬┤s very low profile solutions are particularly suitable for LoRa applications due to their omni-directional radiation pattern. They support reliable point-to-multipoint communication and can be easily integrated into existing systems.