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10 years of reception:
PIDSO – Propagation Ideas & Solutions is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Since its foundation in 2006 by DI Dr. Christoph Kienmayer, PIDSO – Propagation Ideas & Solutions GmbH has been supplying equipment for wireless communication in premium and high-end quality to various industries such as automotive, event production, Industry 4.0, as well as manned and unmanned aviation. In doing so, we avail ourselves of the latest technologies and focus on the needs of each customer.

We already had an antenna for the mega TREND WIRELESS (TELE)COMMUNICATION 10 years ago

During these exciting years of building our company, our entrepreneurial activities were marked by many important milestones, such as the formation into a GmbH in 2010, the GEWINN-Jungunternehmer award as one of the most innovative companies of Austria in 2011, the acquisition and participation of broadcast specialist Riedel Communications GmbH in 2017 and the 2020 EN 9100 aviation certification.

At the start of 2019, our company also moved to new office premises, including a large production hall in Vienna's 23rd district, in order to be able to serve the increasing demand and oversee series production.

Over the years, a lot has changed at PIDSO. But one thing in the company's 10-year history has stayed the same: We continue to focus on bundling value-added processes in the company in order to be able to continue to ensure that our customers get the best solutions and products in PREMIUM quality as quickly as possible. (Thus) Accordingly, we guarantee an agile and flexible way of working when dealing with our customers. Because communication is our key to success.

Not only our European business partners and customers are appreciative of that. Numerous international ones already trust in the competence of our antenna workshop.

The mission: Create a strong connection, at all levels

It is our goal to build robust data communications worldwide so as to create a trustworthy connection between data, technology, values and people.

We take care to ensure that senders and receivers are connected and stay connected. Whether we speak of technical equipment, supertankers, airplanes or people, the focus is placed on recognizing the value of the connected components.

As an antenna manufacturer, we hold every detail in high regard: every component on a circuit board, every cable that is laid and every solder joint.
They are all connected to each other and ultimately result in the “one” solution that is best for our customers and partners.

Keeping the best possible connection at all levels thus distinguishes PIDSO's solutions while being characteristic of the maxim that defines our client relationships. This connection revolves around trust, respect and sustainability.
PIDSO stands for such a strong connection.

We are the key to the technologies of the future.