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We are EN 9100 certified

PIDSO stands for a strong connection.

To establish a connection
that lasts.

The company PIDSO - Propagation Ideas & Solutions GmbH commits itself to the maintenance and continuous development of a QM-system according to EN 9100, which is based on the same structure and requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and includes additional requirements for the aerospace industry. It is also a globally recognized standard for quality management in development, production and maintenance in the aerospace industry. The aerospace industry is a highly sensitive industry where safety, reliability and quality are paramount. Certification ensures that processes are regularly reviewed and improved and that comprehensive risk management is in place.


The following principles are therefore obligatory for the whole company PIDSO:


Zero defect philosophy

We see the recognition of problems and errors as our chance for innovation and improvement. Every employee therefore has the duty and the right to report deviations or weaknesses and to participate in the elimination of the cause. The aim of all those involved is to reduce the error rate to zero.


Customer satisfaction

Our customers are our partners. They decide on the success and continued existence of our company. In our company, customer satisfaction begins even before the order is placed with application technology advice, consideration of the customer's product processes and the resulting tailor-made solutions. The results are products that fully meet or even exceed customer requirements and expectations. A high level of application and problem-solving competence makes us a valuable and reliable partner for our customers. Our competence, flexibility and efforts ensure both stable customer loyalty and successful acquisition of new customers.


Employee satisfaction

Employees are the most valuable asset of our company. The qualification, information and motivation of all employees are the basic requirements for our company's success. It is therefore important to us to inform our employees and to support them in their knowledge and skills by means of appropriate training. The responsibility for implementing our quality policy is born by each employee in his or her area of responsibility. Each employee is obliged to fulfill the requirements applicable to his or her area of responsibility.


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