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Our goal is to establish strong connections worldwide to deliver a trustworthy link between data, tech, values and people.

"Connections are the key to success.
Human, technical and global."

PIDSO is an Austrian high-tech company specializing in the development and manufacturing of antennas and antenna systems.

We develop solutions for wireless communication. We supply key technologies for wireless networking in industries such as automotive, event production, motorsport, infrastructure, Industry 4.0, as well as manned and unmanned aviation.

Our service portfolio ranges from our own product development to customer-specific solutions as well as services in the field of high-frequency simulation, measurement and prototype construction.

Through the in-house infrastructure, all assembly work and quality assurance can be performed most efficiently, providing our customers with a unique all-in-one solution for high-performance antennas.

DI Dr. techn.
Christoph Kienmayer

Managing Director & Founder


Strengths & Competence

Flexible & rapid
Project implementation

Flexibilität und Schnelligkeit in der Projektumsetzung

Complete solutions from
one single source

Komplettlösung aus einer Hand

Experience in many areas
of application

Erfahrung aus und in vielen Anwendungsbereichen

Wide range of

breites Angebotsportfolio

Technical expertise and
product know-how

Expertise und Produkt Know-How

Customized solutions

Massgeschneiderte Kundenorientierung

The Team

„We believe in establishing strong connections on all levels.
We trust in: people, respect and communication.
With creativity, know-how and our deep understanding of technology,
we innovate with passion and attention to detail.“

Innovation and solution-oriented thinking characterize the PIDSO team.

The PIDSO team of 30 specialists in the field of hardware development, software development, IT & logistics, manufacturing, research & development and project management.

Through the intensive cooperation, we succeed in responding to challenging customer requirements with innovative complete solutions.

In doing so, we place the highest demands on our work and see every order as an individual project: this is how we succeed in inspiring customers with future-oriented products.

The Success Story

Pidso History

The PIDSO success story started in 2006. After years of professional experience and completing his PhD in antenna construction, Dr. Christoph Kienmayer founded PIDSO as a sole proprietorship. A cooperation with the Austrian company Schiebel started soon afterwards, and orders from   BMW, Porsche, Daimler, CERN, and many more followed.

The company became a limited liability company and first large orders were realized. With the production of antennas for unmanned systems and cable cars, PIDSO entered new business segments. Over the next few years, PIDSO received many awards including the Mercur Innovation Award and the WKO TOP Exporter Title. PIDSO became a distribution partner of MobileMark and L-com.

In 2017, Riedel Communications GmbH, Wuppertal participated in the company, resulting in new synergies in the event sector. In 2020, the company employs 25 people and is a top performer in many international markets such as automotive, aircraft, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, event transmission, industry 4.0 and infrastructure industries.  

Research Cooperation

PIDSO is currently conducting research on new materials, production methods and technologies, from many different industries to expand the limits of technology in the field of high frequencies technology.

This research activity is being transferred directly to customer solutions and innovative antennas as well.

PIDSO amongst others is involved in the following research projects:

    Use of unmanned aircraft systems for ecologically sustainable applications.
    Lightweight full field-of-regard radar with active gimbal mount.
    Data fusion of K/X band radar with visual sensors for airborne platforms
  • ROPA
    Radar Optical Piloted Aircraft
  • Development and Study of the Electro Impulse Technology as Drilling System
    (dt. EIV-Bohrsystem)
  • Radio technologies for sustainable mobility
    Integrated Vehicle-Chassis Antennas
    Open Modular/Open Source Avionics Architecture for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
  • RelCon
    Reliable Control of Semi-Autonomous Platforms
    Remotely Piloted Aircraft – Airspace Integration