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PIDSO Antennas

Through know-how and innovation to the highest quality, because we believe in building strong connections at all levels.


PIDSO is an internationally recognized specialist in the development and manufacture of antennas and antenna systems. PIDSO antennas are characterized by their high quality and reliability. They are used by customers worldwide in various industries such as aviation, event production, motorsport or infrastructure providers.

We are happy to adjust each antenna to individual requirements and develop a tailor-made solution for all applications. An excerpt from the PIDSO antenna portfolio can be found here.

Array Antennas

High-performance and reliable

PIDSOS's array antennas can master any connection challenge with their elaborated antenna arrangement and special radiance characteristics. Protected by a dust-proof and waterproof case, they are particularly suitable for outdoor use.

Blade Antennas

Ultra-lightweight and aerodynamic

PIDSOS's blade antennas provide reliable audio, video and data transmission in any situation. Thanks to their unique aerodynamic and lightweight design, they are ideal antennas for applications on vehicles, aircrafts and UAVs.

Button Antennas

Extremely robust and compact

PIDSO´s button antennas are characterized by their particularly robust and compact design. Despite of their small size and weight, they provide excellent omni-directional radiation performance.

Horn Antennas

Long range performance at minimum weight

PIDSO's horn antennas are used wherever a reliable directional connection is needed. Due to their very wide band capabilities as well as their extremely lightweight construction, they can be used for various applications.

Vivaldi Antennas

Due to the ultra-broadband characteristics of the PIDSO vivaldi antennas, different applications can be realized with only one antenna.

Stick Antennas

PIDSO’s stick antennas can be used for various applications due to their high gain and omnidirectional radiation pattern. They provide good coverage for video transmission, IEEE 82.11xx wireless LAN, Bluetooth and wireless access points. The rugged material and discreet design make them ideal for demanding outdoor applications.