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36th America©s Cup wins ‘Most Successful Sports Event Broadcast© Award


We are sending our congratulations to America’s Cup for winning the "Most Successful Sports Event Broadcast" award at the Sports Business Awards 2021! A truly outstanding success not only considering the used technology but the nearly incomprehensible number of the global TV & streaming audience: 941 million!

Our whole team is incredibly proud to have been a part of this event and revolutionary broadcast project with Circle-O and Riedel Communications.

The specially developed and customized antenna systems, like our masthead antennas which were designed to perfectly fit with their aerodynamic shape on top of the AC75 racing yachts and transmit telemetry, audio and video signals between boat, helicopter and stationary systems on land. Furthermore we equipped the yachts with suitable signal lights and integrated a flight-height radar system to measure the boat’s flight height. Also we developed the biometrical system used for detection and processing of the sailors’ biometrical data. Last but definitely not least, all of the software-integration systems ran on the main processing unit that was developed and integrated by us in the boat’s core.  

Hight-tech collaborations like in this case with Circle-O and Pidso made it possible for America’s Cup to reach unseen numbers of fans through broadcasting on a revolutionary level of immersion.

Read about all the details to America’s Cup broadcast high-scores under: americascup.com/MOST-SUCCESSFUL-EVENT-BROADCAST