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White Paper: Light-Weight Broadband Blade Antenna

One of the projects which the PIDSO Team has been working on was in collaboration with our partner company Riedel Communications to provide the German Touring Car Masters (DTM) with suitable antennas for their race cars. There were many requirements from both Riedel and the DTM organization which we had to meet to fit their demanding standards. Therefore, we especially developed the SDI.003 – 00A Broadband Blade Antenna that has been in use by DTM since then. They are optimally suited to be integrated in Riedel’s new audio broadcast system and were able to enhance the quality of the DTM’s race car driver communication enormously and furthermore their driver’s safety.

Built for demanding environments

PIDSO’s SDI.003 – 00A is a highly efficient and ultra-light blade antenna with a very aerodynamic design and an omni-directional radiation characteristic. The antenna’s input impedance is matched to a wide operational frequency bandwidth of 1900 to 2600 MHz. Therefore, we can cover a broad range of different applications from 4G, LTE, Bluetooth or any service in the 2.4 GHz ISM band like audio communication or video transmissions.

PIDSO - Ultra Lightweight Ultra Lightweight
PIDSO - Bluetooth Bluetooth
PIDSO - Omni- directional Omni- directional
PIDSO - Audio Audio
PIDSO - Video Video
PIDSO - Aerodynamic Design Aerodynamic Design

As the SDI.003 – 00A is IP68 rated, it can be used for any demanding application that requires a rugged antenna like the automotive industry, aviation (manned or unmanned) or on any other vehicles e.g., robots, boats or race cars.

PIDSO - Automobile Automobile
PIDSO - Aviation Aviation
PIDSO - Sport Events Sport Events

In such applications the SDI.003 – 00A can help to guarantee a stable connection and is quite flexible with its mounting options. Our solutions are based on a lot of experience and know-how in optimizing antenna performance. Finally, we came up with a very light-weight and aerodynamic solution which shows great durability in harsh environments and allows for highest data rate throughputs due to its broadband capability.

Technical Parameters

Technical Data

Mechanical dimensions and drawings

Mechanical Drawing

Establishing a strong connection

In summary we can offer different outstanding features and benefits:

  • Ultra-lightweight blade antenna (around 18 g)
  • Omni-directional gain pattern optimized for vehicle mount
  • High reliability due to industrial manufacturing quality components
  • Aerodynamic and compact design to reduce drag (just 90 mm overall length)
  • Peak gain around 3 dBi
  • Linear vertical polarization

As you see our goal is to establish a strong connection and we are constantly working to improve our competence, because our service-package is connecting to your success.