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Services and Consulting

PIDSO's primary focus is on the technical realization and implementation of custom antenna and hardware solutions. We recognized that even within a growing wireless communications market there are always new issues that need to be addressed. As examples industry 4.0, Internet of Things or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS, RPAS) can be mentioned.

We offer our clients a complete portfolio of services, from initial design through production in the areas of: 

  • circuit design
  • High-frequency measurement and  – simulation
  • Frequency- and product selection for your specific application
  • Implementation of frequency allocation methods
  • Support for operating authorization and technical approval of unmanned vehicles

To service our customers needs we can offer a wide variety of simulation tools, like circuit simulators and 3D-EM-field simulators. These tools enable us to find efficient and fast solutions, before we start prototyping.

PIDSO is fully equipped with the latest high-frequency measurement equipment, which enables us to measure and thoroughly characterize our antenna designs directly in-house.

We also advise you objectively on existing antenna solutions and conduct, e.g. simulations or measurements with your antenna or complete system and offer you innovative solutions.


Fast and reliable manufacturing of prototypes and small batch series is getting more and more important for many manufacturers, especially in the automotive and aeronautic industry.

PIDSO accommodates this challenge by implementing a prototyping line. Besides a state-of-the-art CNC portal milling machine, two new soldering stations, a pre-heater, a reflow oven and a stereo-microscope for optical inspections complete the our prototype line.

Prototypes are being measured in the in-house radio frequency laboratory to examine and ensure the electrical performance as well, besides the quality of the material used. Beyond that behavior of prototypes in different environmental conditions can be tested immediately as well. More information regarding our climatic chamber you can find here.

PIDSO now offers prototypes for customized antennas within a short time span, that are being tested according to specific standards, like storage and operating tests under MIL-STD-810F, if required by the customer.