Horn Antenne 6 - 12 GHz

6 - 12 GHz Linear Polarized Ultra-Broadband Antenna

Part Nr. CHO9000V001B

PIDSO´s CHO9000V001B ultra-broadband capabilities from 6 - 12 GHz enables it to operate over a very wide frequency range which eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency. In addition, the light and compact construction allows CHO9000V001B to be used for a wide array of wireless infrastructure and research applications where a wide coverage is desired.

PIDSO - Compact SizeCompact Size
PIDSO - DatalinkDatalink
PIDSO - Light WeightLight Weight
PIDSO - Ultra BroadbandUltra Broadband
PIDSO - InfrastructureInfra- structure
PIDSO - ResearchResearch
  • Lightweight (51g uncoated)
  • Very compact size
  • Top quality connectors
  • High durability
  • Individual coatings (anodized, powder-coated, painted)
  • Samples available