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PIDSO delivers antenna technology for the 36th America's Cup


PIDSO delivers antenna technology for the 36th America's Cup presented by PRADA
PIDSO's innovative systems ensured flawless data and video transmission for the AC75 racing yachts at the world's oldest and most prestigious sailing regatta.
In March 2021, the America's Cup started in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand for the 36th time with the AC75 class sailboats, which enabled speeds of up to 100km/h over water with their novel hydrofoil system. Host broadcast partner circle-o was commissioned in an international tender to realize the technology concept for the entire Cup, in the final of which Emirates Team New Zealand prevailed over challenger Luna Rossa PRADA Pirelli.
The 360° concept of circle-o and Riedel includes innovative camera solutions and audio systems as well as the entire communication equipment including antenna and high frequency technology on water, on land and in the air. Due to the core competence of the latter task areas, family member PIDSO was commissioned with the development, production and integration of various systems by Riedel Communications. At the 36th America's Cup presented by PRADA, several technical novas were used, which both the sailing teams and the spectators could look forward to.
"We are very honored to contribute to the success of the event. It was a very exciting and challenging project, especially because a variety of tasks could be taken over by us, such as the software development of the main computing unit in the heart of the boat´s hull or the design and construction of the signal lights at the stern of the yacht." says Dr. Christoph Kienmayer, Managing Director of PIDSO - Propagation Ideas & Solutions GmbH.
The masthead antenna, developed by PIDSO specifically for the AC75, is located 27 meters up on the ship's mast and consists of an aerodynamically shaped multi-antenna system that concentrates multiple radio services simultaneously.
It provides radiation characteristics customized for over-water applications for transmitting telemetry and video data from boat to shore. The high bandwidth of long-distance data transmission and optimized design allows reliable visualization of on-board camera images and provides the display of the latest race information for viewers at home on their screens.
PIDSO's antennas can also be found on the camera helicopter as well as on the referee and camera boats. The development work is not limited to the antenna technology, it includes also the systems for recording and processing the biometric data of the sailing teams, the measurement of the flight altitude by means of radar technology, the hardware-related software development on the computer unit on the boat up to the integration of the race information displays for the skippers. The tasks were only manageable by the cross-domain know-how of PIDSO, starting with the product conception over the CAD construction up to the mechanical production of the electronics development and the antenna design and demanded everything from the engineers of PIDSO.
"It fills our entire team with joy that the trust placed in us has paid off and that we were allowed to be part of this historic event. We followed with great interest the races of the oldest and most famous sailing cup on the other side of the world. The challenges were enormous in every respect, and pushed technology, man and material to the limit. We treated the America's Cup with a lot of respect and enjoyed the successful sailing event with know-how and innovation from Austria very much". Christoph Kienmayer adds.

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PIDSO is an Austrian high-tech company that specializes in the development and manufacture of antennas and antenna systems. The company offers specialized expertise in the manufacture of lightweight antennas and the integration of antennas into existing building spaces. Its performance portfolio includes proprietary developments, customer-specific solutions, high-frequency simulation and measurement services, and prototype construction. Thanks to the company’s distinctive structure, all assembly work and quality assurance are carried out in-house, offering PIDSO customers a unique one-stop solution for high-performance antennas.