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We are an EN 9100 certified company!


With the EN 9100 certification, a further foundation stone has been laid for our continuing corporate success.
We are entering a new dimension and from now on we belong to a small circle of less than 70 Austrian companies that have achieved the high requirements in the field of quality management for development, production and maintenance in the aerospace industry through EN 9100.
EN 9100 is based on the same structure and requirements of ISO 9001:2018 and also includes additional requirements for the aerospace industry. It is a globally recognized standard for quality management in development, production and maintenance in the aerospace industry.
As a global player in the field of customer-specific antenna production with high technical, specialist and quality requirements, we implement the demanding EN 9100 standard systematically, uniformly and consistently throughout the company. The certification according to EN 9100 underlines our position to establish ourselves as a supplier in the aerospace sector, which is an essential strategic development goal of our high-tech forge.
In addition, the certification is the result of the continuous development of all employees and processes in the company and represents a significant milestone for us. With the successfully completed certification and the implemented process management system, our commitment to highest quality and customer satisfaction is once again demonstrated.
The aerospace industry is a highly sensitive sector in which safety, reliability and quality are paramount. The certification ensures that process flows are regularly reviewed and improved and that comprehensive risk management is in place. Thus, especially such a system supports a qualitatively demanding series production of aerospace products and ensures full transparency.