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Vienna is different: First 5G capital of Europe!


Not only PIDSO is constantly striving for innovation, but also our hometown Vienna. The plan is to transform Vienna into Europe’s first 5G capital city.

Austria's development plan broadband strategy 2030 was adopted 2019 and aims to ensure a nationwide offering of Gigabit-capable connections, including coverage with 5G by 2030. Currently we are at phase 3 in which major traffic connections are upgraded to provide 5G services by the end of 2023.

Get to know more about the Austrian 5G development plan here:



But why bother to invest in 5G?

Just last year everyone of us got to know the necessity of digital communication, whether because of home-office, e-learning or solely for entertainment purposes. And not only once various Austrian news outlets reported about network overloads, because of the major increase in internet users due to the pandemic.

5G is the innovation which helps us combat these technical challenges of our digitalized age regarding data transmission speed, network capacity, respond time and data security.

As tomorrow’s communication standard 5G, through its substantially higher bandwidth, is going to facilitate the development of innovations in many fields, like IoT & robotics, drone communication, autonomous driving and many more.


For each of these sectors product specified solutions are essential, especially regarding antennas and antenna systems, which make up a crucial part of the foundation to ensure flawless and reliable data transmission.

We from PIDSO aim our focus exactly on this intersection and are able to find individual, state of the art solutions for our customers’ challenges, originating from a wide range of diverse industries.


Let’s get connected!