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PIDSOs technology is used at Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters


This years Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters  (DTM, German Touring Car Masters) will be supported by a broadband audio communications system that integrates advanced antenna technology from PIDSO.

This system is supported by rugged, aerodynamic and lightweight Monopole blade antennas for wireless transmission, designed and developed by PIDSO in cooperation with partner Riedel. Extensive preliminary research and vehicle simulations were conducted to determine the optimum positioning of the blade antennas, enabling them to operate as smoothly as possible with all other race systems such as GPS, video, and garage radio. The ability to hear drivers’ comments clearly brings even greater excitement to television viewers.


“Our partnership with PIDSO has given us a powerful new center of expertise that is on strong display at this year’s DTM circuit. Working with PIDSO, we’re able to extend technical know-how that’s normally only found in industries like automotive and aircraft construction.” said Thomas Riedel, Founder and CEO of Riedel.


Click here to find the full press release by Riedel Communications: Press release