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PIDSO introduces: Christian Murhammer


Christian Murhammer has been supporting the software development team at PIDSO since the beginning of the year. After successfully completing his diploma in simulation-based communications engineering at the FH St. Pölten, Christian Murhammer worked as a software developer for Schiebel and Bosch, among others.

"The variety of applications of our antennas amaze me. It feels great to be part of the production of antennas that are later used in the auotomotivum sector, in aviation or at big sports events such as the DTM. I look forward to new contacts and good cooperation," says Mr. Murhammer about his new job at PIDSO.
With the recent hirings in personnel, PIDSO is responding to the increased product demand and growth of the communications technology market.
We welcome Martin Kuntner and Christian Murhammer to a team and look forward to a successful working collaboration.