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PIDSO and Quantum Systems cooperate for better data communication


Quantum Systems has developed TRON, an innovative transition UAV. In regards to future beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) scenarios, the cooperation with PIDSO will bring a safe and reliable data connection even over long distances.

Located in Gilching near Munich (Germany) Quantum Systems offers with TRON an innovative Transition UAV,  i.e. an UAV able to start and land vertically without needing  a runway. In air traffic as fixed wing airplane TRON is very efficient over long distances.

Because of these qualities TRON is ideally suitable for application areas like agriculture, 3D mapping, industrial inspection, surveillance and cargo. For all these areas long distance flights (BVLOS) with a stable data link are very interesting.

Quantum Systems utilizes PIDSOS long-standing experience with UAV data communication for the development of a high performance long range data link, using PIDSO’s tracking antenna system gTAS.

For more information about Quantum Systems please visit: http://www.quantum-systems.com/.

For information regarding PIDSOs tracking antenna system gTAS you can contact sales@pidso.com.