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Into the Heart of Summer Internships


Today, we give you a short review of our summer interns this year:

In the sun-filled months, we had the pleasure of welcoming Bernd, Daniel, Paula, and Alexander as our dedicated summer interns at our Vienna and Lenzing locations.

Each of them brought a unique energy and clear curiosity that inspired and enriched our teams.

Bernd, the tech enthusiast, proved himself in the pioneering AMI project driving the automation of antenna measurements. Guided by Christoph Mittermüller and Stefan Pratschner, Bernd wasn't just involved in the project's progress; he also had the rare opportunity to participate in programming the control software. His work and enthusiasm left a lasting impression.

Daniel, a true tinkerer, chose to immerse himself in both the world of production and technology. From his adept soldering work to exploring the fascinating world of 3D printing, Daniel gained diverse practical experience. Additionally, he showcased his analytical thinking by creating network plans that will be invaluable in future projects.

Paula and Alexander, both eager learners, made contributions in Lenzing. Paula delved into the realm of administrative office tasks, mastering assignments like transferring obsolete component data into Excel, as well as lead management. Alexander, on the other hand, discovered his passion for the technical side and had the chance to program metrology software including a user-friendly interface. Moreover, both Paula and Alexander actively supported our LPM tests, showcasing their versatility and willingness to contribute.


It's heartening to witness how interns value their experiences with us. Bernd felt so at home that he decided to stay with us in a marginal employment position, which is an honor and highlights how much our work environment is appreciated.


Time flies, and we take pride in having supported and guided such talented young individuals. We're confident their diverse experiences and acquired knowledge will continue to propel them forward on their career paths.


Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our interns for their hard work, passion, and contributions to our community. We look forward to seeing how they shape the world in the future.