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Engineers rock the dance floor with high-tech party!


Engineers don't just know how to design circuits - they also know how to rock dance floors, with an extra dose of #connectivity!


Our summer and October festivals this year were a masterpiece of communication technology and cohesion! Thanks to our collaboration with @Riedel Communications, the rooftop terrace at our summer party in Vienna became a hotspot for great vibes and connectivity. The Riedel Band provided the groove, and we engineers? We sent out the party signals!


And at our own PIDSO #Oktoberfest, we had connectivity firmly under control. With an accordion that could connect not only sounds but also hearts, the evening was a real highlight. We celebrate with a strong signal for fun and community!


We thank everyone who helped make these evenings so unique. We're already looking forward to the next tech-savvy party, where we strengthen the connection between good music and better people!