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Connecting Values at INTERGEO 2022


From one exhibition to the next! But this time from the more relaxed side, as visitors. Our CEO Christoph Kienmayer and our Head of Sales Manuel Marbach attended the INTERGEO 2022 and returned truly amazed by the outstanding projects which were on display.


Attending only as visitors did not stop them from getting connected to old and new potential partners and customers. We are not allowed yet to reveal much about upcoming projects, but the whole team is already excited for what is going to be realized!


Speaking of partners – ElevonX also exhibited at INTERGEO, with whom we were able to further text our gTAS Antenna Tracking System in combination with our Blade Antennas and their drones. Was a pleasure to meet you there!


In summary the Intergeo 2022 definitely was worth attending and we are also strongly considering joining the ranks of exhibitors next year.  

We will keep you up to date.



📷 PIDSO CEO Christoph Kienmayer und Manuel Marbach, Head of Sales at INTERGEO 2022.