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Pidso belongs to the Riedel family for 5 years already and since then we could realize quite a few projects together.

Riedel Communications’ home is the media production sector. They provide intercom systems and fiber-based networks for the distribution of video, audio, and data signals for events globally. Whether in studios, stadia, theaters, convention centers, or cruise ships – Riedel solutions power broadcasts and events around the world.

Through the from Wuppertal originating company’s participation lots of synergies for both parties emerged. Since the expertise and innovative solutions our Pidso team provides in the antenna development and manufacturing sector ideally complement Riedel’s service spectrum. Through this partnership Riedel gained an experienced team equipped with great know – how and furthermore access to new sectors like automobile, manned and also unmanned aviation.  For Pidso it means to be part of an internationally represented company and the possibility to step into the media production sector, like we already did with our collaboration for the German Tourenwagenmeisterschaft (DTM) in which our specially developed blade antenna was used for their race cars.

For more insight into our collaborations with Riedel watch our case study about the DTM on our website; https://www.pidso.com/en/dtm-case-study


Constructive collaboration requires a steady exchange of ideas and plans for projects, which is why Riedel visits us regularly, represented by Serkan Güner. Today he could finally come to our office in Vienna again. (Unfortunately due to covid it was not possible earlier.) We could not only talk again in person about current and future projects but also show Serkan all of our office expansions and new tools.

For further information about Riedel, their products and events visit their website; https://www.riedel.net/en/