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About us

PIDSO is an Austrian high-tech company that specializes in the development and production of antennas and antenna systems. We built up special expertise at the design of lightweight antennas and the integration of antennas in existing installation spaces.

These antennas are being used in the automotive industry, aerospace applications, unmanned systems as well as logistic controls and in the area of professional filming.

Our service portfolio includes our own developments, customized solutions and other service offers like RF simulations and measurements and prototyping.

Due to the in-house capabiliities and infrastructure we can do all assembly steps and quality assurance on site as well, providing our customers with a unique one-stop solution for high-performance antennas.


DI Dr. techn. Christoph Kienmayer

Managing Director & Founder




  • PIDSO extends its range of customers within the segment automotive again through the development of integrated multi band antennas
  • A completely new designed C- and S-band MIMO antenna leads to first contracts in the manned aircraft business
  • In the area of infrastructure PIDSO develops the world’s first WiFi antenna for use on ropeways and ships over 1,000 pieces
  • In the distribution area new markets, e.g. Finland are being exploited
  • Julia Köhler joins the Marketing Team of PIDSO starting with August



  • PIDSO takes part in the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi
  • PIDSO acquires new internationally renowned customers in the areas of logistics and professional filming
  • PIDSO supports further market leaders in the automotive sector thus expanding its know-how in this complex area
  • Starting with July PIDSO becomes an official distributor for Mobile Mark


  • Current development status of mTAS and the new mobile RF test instrument suite (RMI) are presented at AUVSI show in Orlando
  • PIDSO is one out of four Austrian companies being granted a Horizon 2020 SME ICT furtherance, phase 1
  • PIDSO offers environmental simulations to its customers using a state-of-the-art climatic chamber
  • PIDSO extends its in-house production capabilities by deploying a new CNC milling machine


  • In April 2013 PIDSO moves into the new offices in the 23rd district of Vienna
  • The IT infrastructure is being revised by PIDSO in spring 2013
  • Autumn 2013, PIDSO wins another prominent player in the automotive sector, the AVL List GmbH from Graz as a customer
  • Launch of SDI5000V003B, an IP55-compliant, compact and lightweight monopole antenna for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS / RPAS) 


  • In March 2012, PIDSO exhibits at CeBIT, Hanover, Germany for the first time
  • Co-operation with the well-known US University Embry Riddle
  • Long distance, uncompressed wireless HD system with Zero latency is being deployed at a huge festival in Vienna for the first time.
  • PIDSO exhibits at AUVSI for the third time in a row
  • For the first time PIDSO attends the international Air Show (ILA) in Berlin
  • PIDSO is now approved supplier for the worldwide recognized research center CERN, Switzerland
  • PIDSO presents the Fin Antenna 2.4 GHz for multi copters - the first antenna especially for multi copter and FPV
  • The trademark "PIDSO - Propagation Ideas & Solutions" is now officially acknowledged by the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • PIDSO becomes a sales partner for Wireless Instruments Products and includes for example the so-called WiBox Series in its product portfolio
  • PIDSO becomes also a sales partner for LUXUL and includes the circularly polarized X-WAVTM Antennas


  • Press-event with well-known media outlets like, and GEWINN
  • PIDSO nominated for National Award for Innovation
  • Signing Europe-wide distribution contract with the US-based technology company L-com
  • First class exercize of all PIDSO employees in July 2011
  • PIDSO’s First summer fair
  • Returning exhibitor at AUVSI in Washington D.C.
  • Subsidiary PIDSO Inc. finally founded in Pasadena, California 
  • Additional projects executed with BMW in Munich, Germany
  • PIDSO again attends the GEWINN Young Entrepreneur Award Ceremony and is successfully placed in the top ten – ranked at number seven. 


  • Start of production on two UAV antennas
  • PISDO successfully registered as a business name and trademark
  • Enlargement of facilities and consolidation of office, warehouse and production
  • PIDSO becomes a limited corporation under the law of Austria 
  • PIDSO begins its U.S. operations under the leadership of John Schliesser in San Jose, CA, USA.
  • PIDSO exhibits at the AUVSI in Denver, the World´s largest trade fair for unmanned vehicles.
  • PIDSO wins Mercur Award in the Innovation Category
  • Start of the development of a tracking antenna 


  • First Carbon product finalized
  • Start of two more projects with BMW, Munich
  • Expansion of infrastructure and team
  • New company location in the fourth district of Vienna
  • PIDSO makes its first international appearance at the AUVSI trade show in Washington, D.C.


  • PIDSO’s first R&D project with BMW is launched in Munich 


  • Development of ultra-light horn antenna prototype-series
  • Cooperative relationship with the Development Department of Schiebel Electronics


  • Founding of company in Vienna