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PIDSO is developing tailored wireless solutions for the automotive industry for many years. Objectives are in particular weight reduction as well as the optimization of the data transfer. 

The services in the automotive business unit range from circuit design through design of complete data transfer solutions to measurement and optimization of existing antennas. Above all, the engineering team of PIDSO addresses the following tasks:

  • Aerodynamically neutral integration of antennas in vehicle surfaces
  • Antenna integration into vehicle structures made of composite materials
  • Power over CAN-Bus / Flexray for weight reduction of the cable harness
  • Femto Cell Integration 

The extensive industry know-how of PIDSO allows finding an optimal solution for almost any requirement, especially in the areas of: 

  • 2G/3G/4G, ITS G5, WiFi, GPS Integration
  • NFC Integration
  • Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) antenna solutions

Reference customers from the automotive sector: AVL List, BMW Group

Our field of activities