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Wireless HDMI - 0 Latency

In the video world, HD has become the indispensable standard. There are more applications where HD transmission is required, but its implementation can be quite limited due to the use of cables.



The Wireless HDMI system from PIDSO is able to overcome such limitations.


HD signals transmit:

  • Wireless
  • Without latency (no compression)
  • In Full HD - 1080p
  • Over long distances


The PIDSO Wireless HDMI system is especially suitable for applications like:

    • Live video broadcasts on video screens at events / concerts
    • HD movie recording
    • Test shots for professional movie shootings
    • Aerial images / Live streaming (drones, helicoperts, blimps, multi-copters,...)


    With the elimination of cables, integration of the Wireless HDMI System is essentially a plug and play application. This is a huge advantage in terms of time, effort, and money, especially in film / television production and live broadcasting.


    But take a look at PIDSO's Opens internal link in current windowWireless HDMI System and see for yourself!



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