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LUXUL - the perfect WiFi solution for challenging conditions!

LUXUL is a leading manufacturer of high-performance WiFi products from the USA.


Regarding its product design, the company's focus is always on cost-effective and easy to implement solutions. Their portfolio ranges from products for private users, to commercial solutions, as well as customized modules for industrial and military applications.


LUXUL X-WAVTM antennas are ideal for WiFi applications, especially when optimal wireless coverage is required in the face of obstacles, such as NLOS (Non Line of Sight) application, such as is often the case within a building, public WiFi access points in cities, factory buildings or other types of industrial buildings.


Even with the use of handheld devices, like barcode scanners in warehouses, in food retail industry or for ring up systems in the catering business, X-WAVTM antennas have immense benefits in terms of signal stability. Their circular polarization avoids negative effects due to the position of the handheld.


The benefits at a glance:

  • Better distribution of signals around obstacles like trees, walls, or buildings
  • Higher data rates
  • Less interference
  • Less susceptibility to reflections
  • Independent of terminal orientiation


You can use X-WAVTM antennas with all common wireless access points and routers.


With LUXUL, PIDSO incorporates another innovative manufacturer into its portfolio, thus allowing the company to provide more state-of-the-art high frequency solutions!


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