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Design Antenna

The number of wireless applications at home and for businesses continues to grow rapidly (Keyword: Smart home). Therefore the need for high-performing, low profile antennas is also increasing.


To address this, PIDSO has invented new design antennas to improve your home's environment.


We succeeded in directly integrating a powerful antenna into office and living accessories. Here are some examples for our application:

  • Picture frames with stretcher frame
  • Hanging lamp
  • Furniture
  • Floor lamp
  • Vase

The design antennas are available as finished products (floor lamp, vase) including access point and antenna, or on customer request in each case of modification.


The PIDSO Design Antennas are of particular interest for:

  • Gastronomy and hoteliers
  • Public buildings
  • Smart homes


Contact us for further information and to gain assistance in the best set-up for your personal situation: Opens window for sending emailE-Mail.

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