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After pioneering ultra-light carbon fiber antennas, and establishing interest in its other groundbreaking technologies, PIDSO entered the U.S. market and incorporated its subsidiary company in California in August 2011 to better facilitate business with the American Aerospace and Defense industries. Based on its quick success and market traction, PIDSO, Inc. was named the Best New High Tech Company by the Austrian Trade Commission in 2012.


Based in the Los Angeles area near the heart of the American aerospace and entertainment industries, PIDSO, Inc. is well-positioned to provide technology and service to numerous regional customers. 

The company's office is located in Glendale.

PIDSO, Inc. is an authorized distributor of L-com Global Connectivity (, partnered to offer premium standard antennas and equipment like amplifiers or splitters to its many customers. 




How to get in contact with PIDSO, Inc.:

Regus At The Glendale Plaza

655 N Central Ave 17th Floor

Glendale, CA 91203


Tel.: 001 (818) 649-7500

E-Mail: Opens window for sending emailoffice(at)