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  • PIDSO takes part in the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi.
  • Meluka De Silva joins PIDSO to perform his master thesis supporting the general development of
    the mobile tracking antenna system (mTAS).
  • PIDSO acquires new internationally renowned customers in the areas of logistics and professional
  • PIDSO supports further market leaders in the automotive sector thus expanding its know-how in this complex area.
  • Starting with July PIDSO becomes an official distributor for Mobile Mark.



  • David Datzreiter joins the R&D team
  • Current development status of mTAS and the new mobile RF test instrument suite (RMI) are presented at AUVSI show in Orlando
  • Andrea Petzke is responsible for all back office duties
  • Florentina Manolache leaves PIDSO, because of marriage and her move to another area in Austria
  • PIDSO is one out of four Austrian companies being granted a Horizon 2020 SME ICT furtherance, phase 1
  • PIDSO offers environmental simulations to its customers using a state-of-the-art climatic chamber
  • PIDSO extends its in-house production capabilities by deploying a new CNC milling machine




  • Reinhard Mair Zeininger joins the team of PIDSO as CAD designer
  • In April 2013 PIDSO moves into the new offices in the 23rd district of Vienna
  • The IT infrastructure is being revised by PIDSO in spring 2013
  • Thomas Holzmüller and Reinhard Mair-Zeininger graduated Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Autumn 2013, PIDSO wins another prominent player in the automotive sector, the AVL List GmbH from Graz as a customer
  • Friedrich Spörk reinforces the PIDSO GmbH
  • Launch of SDI5000V003B, an IP55-compliant, compact and lightweight monopole antenna for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS / RPAS) 



  • Thomas Raggl joins PIDSO's R&D team
  • In March 2012, PIDSO exhibits at CeBIT, Hanover, Germany for the first time
  • Co-operation with the well-known US University Embry Riddle
  • Florentina Manolache starts her work at the Backoffice of PIDSO
  • Long distance, uncompressed wireless HD system with Zero latency is being deployed at a huge festival in Vienna for the first time.
  • Sarah Holzmüller is delegated to PIDSO, Inc. in July 2012
  • PIDSO exhibits at AUVSI for the third time in a row
  • For the first time PIDSO attends the international Air Show (ILA) in Berlin
  • PIDSO is now approved supplier for the worldwide recognized research center CERN, Switzerland
  • PIDSO presents the Fin Antenna 2.4 GHz for multi copters - the first antenna especially for multi copter and FPV
  • The trademark "PIDSO - Propagation Ideas & Solutions" is now officially acknowledged by the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • PIDSO becomes a sales partner for Wireless Instruments Products and includes for example the so-called WiBox Series in its product portfolio
  • PIDSO becomes also a sales partner for LUXUL and includes the circularly polarized X-WAVTM Antennas



  • Press-event with well-known media outlets like, and GEWINN
  • PIDSO nominated for National Award for Innovation
  • Signing Europe-wide distribution contract with the US-based technology company L-com
  • New employees: Armin Hirsch as Head of Marketing & Sales and Thomas Holzmüller as engineer for the R&D section.
  • First class exercize of all PIDSO employees in July 2011
  • PIDSO’s First  Summer fair
  • Returning exhibitor at AUVSI in Washington D.C.
  • Subsidiary PIDSO Inc. finally founded in Pasadena, California 
  • Additional projects executed with BMW in Munich, Germany
  • PIDSO again attends the GEWINN Young Entrepreneur Award Ceremony and is successfully placed in the top ten – ranked at number seven. 



  • Start of production on two drone antennas
  • PISDO successfully registered as a business name and trademark
  • Mr. Lukas Mayer becomes Head of Research & Development
  • Enlargement of facilities and consolidation of office, warehouse and production
  • PIDSO becomes a limited corporation under the law of Austria 
  • PIDSO begins its U.S. operations under the leadership of John Schliesser in San Jose, CA, USA.
  • PIDSO exhibits at the AUVSI in Denver, the World´s largest trade fair for unmanned vehicles.
  • PIDSO wins Mercur Award in the Innovation Category
  • Start of the development of a tracking antenna 



  • First Carbon product finalized
  • Start of two more projects with BMW, Munich
  • Expansion of infrastructure and team
  • New company location in the fourth district of Vienna
  • PIDSO makes its first international appearance at the AUVSI trade show in Washington, D.C.



  • PIDSO’s first R&D project with BMW is launched in Munich



  • Development of ultra-light horn antenna prototype-series
  • Cooperative relationship with the Development Department of Schiebel Electronics



  • Founding of company in Vienna


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